Saturday, January 20, 2018

Episode 3 - Part 1 Of Circle City Zymurgy At The Hatch

On this episode, we attended a Tasting Society event that was held at The Hatch in Indianapolis, hosted by Indiana on Tap. This sold out event featured homebrewers only, from the widely known homebrew club, Circle City Zymurgy. As all 250 tickets were sold out for this unlimited 3oz. pours event, the beer was flowing for several hours that evening, and it was apparent CCZ was a hit! Join us as we drink and talk our way through the venue.

In this episode you'll hear from several of the homebrewers who were pouring their beer, Kevin goes in the field and chats with the attendees about their favorite brews, and we had a special guest with us, Tony Musgrave, whom we interviewed from 21 North Eatery and Cellar in Episode 0. This episode is going to be in two parts, Part One will be with Tony and Kevin out on the floor discussing the brews on the menu and visiting the club stations to chat with the brewers in action! Stay tuned for Part Two where we will follow up with Rob, who was pouring several of his hit beers, as well as Nick Boling, Brady Smith, and Jeremy Railey, all members of Circle City Zymurgy.


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